January, 2010

From the DS Archives: Os Gemeos

Originally published on: July 2, 2008 Os Gemeos, which translates to “the twins” in Portuguese, are identical twin brothers from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who began break dancing at an early age and later moved on to the visual arts. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo transformed Brazilian street art and have since exhibited at museums all over the world including their first solo exhibition at The Luggage[…..]

Keith Sonnier

Currently on view at Mary Boone Gallery in New York City is a series of neon sculptures by artist Keith Sonnier. The exhibition includes two distinct bodies of work, the artist’s Oldowan Series, which features sexually charged gestures and materials such as silk, as well as his Chandelier Series, which were originally designed for the artist’s home and were later expanded for use in larger[…..]

Anticipate Difficulty

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Making films is not easy. Most people know this and almost as many find the difficulties of movie-making enthralling, which explains the proliferation of articles, TV interviews, and radio specials on the subject. Just last week, I nearly pulled off the freeway to better concentrate on radio host Elvis Mitchell’s interview with Oren[…..]

George Jenne

Civilian Art Projects in Washington, D.C. is currently presenting Don’t Look Now, a multimedia exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist George Jenne. Don’t Look Now consists of manipulated movie posters, sculpture, and graphite drawings, all reflecting the artist’s interest in the horror movie genre. Jenne sees a correlation between the unease and trauma delivered by such films and the unsettling experience of early adolescence. The artist states[…..]

Isa Genzken: Wind

In William Gibson‘s 1986 novel Count Zero, an abandoned but sentient AI robot composes art objects from detritus found in space.  Despite being built by a computer from discards and rubbish, these objects have a deeply human gravity—both a grace and a yearning for grace—and are highly prized.   It is precisely this evocative use of materials and imagery that Isa Genzken gives us in[…..]

Demons, Yarns & Tales: Tapestries by Contemporary Artists

Currently on view at James Cohan Gallery in New York City is the exhibition Demons, Yarns & Tales: Tapestries by Contemporary Artists, which runs through February 13, 2010. The show features hand-woven tapestries created by thirteen international artists, most of whom are widely known for their work in other media. Included among the artists whose work is on view are: Kara Walker, Grayson Perry, Shahzia[…..]

Interview w/ Allison Schulnik

In a mystical world of hobo clowns, pet possums and rabid monkeys, Allison Schulnik‘s surreal environments playfully explore human psychology through saturated color and rich texture. The artist consistently produces mesmerizing work which combine the forms of painting, sculpture and animation, creating a body of work that speaks to a multiplicity of mediums through each manifestation. This week, DailyServing’s founder Seth Curcio spoke with the[…..]