Mark Mulroney: Weatherbee’s Revenge

Weatherbee’s Revenge is the title of a new exhibition featuring works by Mark Mulroney, which opened last night at Chicago’s Ebersmoore Gallery. When the artist was a child, his mother gave him a book titled “What’s Happening To Me?” in hopes of answering all of his questions concerning puberty and sex. For the show, Mulroney continues his irreverent imagery through a new series of works on paper which explore his youthful and naive understanding of sex as an adolescent. The book’s illustrations and texts proved to be completely misleading and altered the artist’s understanding of sex. As a response to the comedy and horror that ensued, the artist has created the work in Weatherbee’s Revenge.

Last spring, Mulroney participated in DailyServing’s 1000 Days exhibition in Los Angeles. The artist has also exhibited with Mixed Greens in New York City, Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco and the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. The artist received his MFA from University of California at Santa Barbara, and currently lives and works in Rochester, NY.