Tomory Dodge: Works on Paper


Closing this week is a new exhibition of 40 watercolors and collages on paper by painter Tomory Dodge at CRG Gallery in New York. While the artist’s large and dynamic paintings have become very well known, it is much more rare to find an exhibition of his watercolors and collages. Many of the same themes run through these new works as are found in the artists larger paintings, such as the catastrophic and uncanny in relation to the landscape. Chaotic storms spread fragments of paper wildly across the pictorial space in Lost in the Woods, large strips of color fall from the an abstracted sky in Tweedle Dum, and in garbage floats placidly on top of a large body of water in Sea of Objects.  Each piece is carefully balanced between formal abstraction and representation, a signature element of the artist’s other work. The immediacy of these works on paper offers the viewer a welcome break from the more calculated larger paintings found the in artist’s oeuvres. These new collages and watercolors embody a more playful and carefree mode of creation, allowing for a less self conscious product to form.


Dodge’s Works on Paper were exhibited at ACME in Los Angeles from October 17 – November 14, 2009 and will be on view at CRG Gallery in New York through December 19th, 2009. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles, California.