Miami Art Fairs: Tom Sachs and the Neistat Brothers

waffle bike

The Art Video Program at Art Basel Miami Beach, curated by New York’s Creative Time, presented three short films by Tom Sachs and the Neistat Brothers at the Oceanfront area last night, Waffle Bike, Obstacle Course, and Space Program. The Neistat Brothers (Casey and Van), based in New York, have made several short videos and have a new show coming out on HBO. They started working as assistants to Tom Sachs, making movies with him about his work; their collaborations are often humorous and technically uncomplicated.

Waffle Bike, 2008 (8:06), meticulously describes the construction and function of a bicycle that has been converted into a mobile waffle-making station with several peculiar features. The short film documents the maiden voyage of the bike from Manhattan to Brooklyn, in search of a pair of chickens to lay the eggs for the batter. A cage on the back houses the chickens, directly beneath a call to prayer public address system that plays as the bike makes its way through the streets of New York. The bike stores other ingredients and supplies needed for the preparation and consumption of waffles, including boxes of batter, cans of Pam cooking spray, an electronic waffle maker, forks, and a refrigerator storing whipped cream. The inclusion of unusual amenities such as a padded passenger seat and two Winchester shotguns, accessible while riding, elevates the captivating absurdity of Waffle Bike.  The film was presented as part of the night’s topic Video Art and Mainstream Distribution, along with several short films by Marc Horowitz.

Tonight at the Oceanfront area, an exclusive work-in-progress sneak preview of the feature documentary film Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, 2009, directed by Tamra Davis, will be shown at 8:30pm.