December, 2009

Tomory Dodge: Works on Paper

Closing this week is a new exhibition of 40 watercolors and collages on paper by painter Tomory Dodge at CRG Gallery in New York. While the artist’s large and dynamic paintings have become very well known, it is much more rare to find an exhibition of his watercolors and collages. Many of the same themes run through these new works as are found in the[…..]

Matias Faldbakken: Shocked into Abstraction

Norwegian visual artist and writer Matias Faldbakken is currently exhibiting a new series of works titled Shocked into Abstraction at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, UK. This presentation marks the artist’s first major UK exhibition, and continues his interest into subcultures, vandalism, destruction and abstraction. Working through a variety of media including film, sculpture, installation, photography and wall painting, Faldbakken deliberately transforms acts of destruction into[…..]

Whitney Biennial: 2010 Announced

This month, the curators from the 2010 Whitney Biennial made public their list of artists for next year’s exhibition. Similar to previous years, this biennial will feature a healthy selection of emerging artists that together represent much of what is taking place in contemporary visual art today. However, unlike other years the 2010 biennial has been scaled back to only 55 artists, as opposed to[…..]

From the DS Archive: Destroying Prettiness: Wangechi Mutu and Kara Walker

Originally published on: March 31, 2008 Wangechi Mutu will never experience the heated backlash that Kara Walker experienced. No one will call Mutu the “patsy of the white art establishment,” accuse her of selling fellow black artists down the river, or launch a letter-writing campaign to keep her artwork from being shown. There are good reasons for this: unlike Walker, the Kenyan-born Mutu does not[…..]

Cordy Ryman

Cordy Ryman‘s new work, which is currently on view in the solo exhibition, Hail to the Grid, at Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica, reflects the form and pattern of the minimalist tradition, but at the same time celebrates a freedom that balks at the pervasive inaccessibility of the more polished work of his contemporaries and predecessors. Bright, rough and intentionally unfinished, Ryman’s paintings and[…..]

Aldwyth: Work v. / Work n.

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (HICA) in Charleston, South Carolina has a long history of celebrating works by artists who exist on the fringe of the mainstream contemporary art world. For the inaugural exhibition of their new gallery space, Director and Senior Curator Mark Sloan is presenting a collection of collage and assemblage works, titled work v. / work n., from a rather unknown[…..]

Josue Pellot

Chicago artist Josue Pellot deploys several mediums and styles in order to examine his Puerto Rican roots as transplanted into the quintessential American experience – that is, as mediated by pop culture and consumerism in his current exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Thus, he displays a photomontage of the iconic fortress El Morro in Puerto Rico in which it is conflated with a supermercado/laundromat/liquor[…..]