Jeff Ladouceur

Jeff Ladouceur, Untitled, 2009

Jeff Ladouceur, Untitled, 2009

Currently on view at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica is a solo show of work by New York-based artist, Jeff Ladouceur. In the exhibition, entitled Barefoot in the Head, Ladouceur’s works of ink and graphite on paper present the viewer with motley scenes of tragicomedy, rendered with exquisite craft. The absurd moments of both humor and pain stretch neatly around the gallery walls like a comic strip. In one piece, a lanky girl in worn clothes folds her body over itself; miniature white elephants fall to the floor as she scrapes a comb to the scraggly tips of her long hair. In another, a starburst-headed man trudges fantastical, smashed-face terrain, his torso displaying a series of intertwining intestines like a glass-cased museum diorama. One of his hands grasps a triplet of distressed looking men wearing matching ensembles, the other hand twists into itself, fingers knotting into one another like the series of guts on display in his stomach.

Jeff Ladouceur was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and lives and works in New York. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including recently at Zieher Smith in New York, NY; Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC and Taché-Lévy Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. His work has been discussed in PAPER Magazine, Artweek, Frieze Magazine and Modern Painters, among other publications and newspapers.


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