Best of 2009

Best of 2009
Dalek (aka James Marshall): Broken, Beaten and Buried
Originally published on January 26, 2009

Earlier this year partnered with Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC to produce a new site-specific installation by the artist Dalek. Over a two week period a group of 12 artists, under the direction of Dalek, created the entire exhibition which called for every square inch of the gallery to be custom painted. At the closing of the exhibition, created a full color catalog that documented the entire exhibition process. The signed catalog, which is available for purchase, contains a foreword by founder and curator of the exhibition, Seth Curcio, as well as a full interview with the artist led by Redux Contemporary Art Center’s director Karen Ann Myers.


Broken, Beaten and Buried is the title of a new site specific installation by the artist James Marshall (aka Dalek), currently on view at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina. The exhibition was organized by DailyServing founder and editor Seth Curcio, and was completed in its entirety over a seven day period by a team of 10 assistants led by Dalek himself. The show broke new ground for the artist, being his most ambitious exhibition to date. Featuring an entirely new and more reductive style of painting, the immersive installation focuses on the psychological effects of color. Dalek painted every part of the exhibition space, literally placing the viewer directly in the artist’s paintings with little to no room for escape.


In April of 2008, Dalek appeared on the cover of Juxtapoz Magazine and in late 2007 he was a featured artist in Swindle Magazine. In years past, Dalek has been featured in countless publications including Tokion Magazine and New American Paintings. In addition, he had his first monograph printed in 2003, Dalek: Nickel Plated Angels, published from Gingko Press.


The artist is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and in 2001/02 he worked as an assistant to Takashi Murakami. He is currently represented by the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, Irvine Contemporary in Washington, D.C, Elms Lester in London and Galerie Magda Danysz in Paris.

Broken, Beaten and Buried will be on view until March 7th, 2009. Upon the closing of the exhibition, DailyServing and Redux Contemporary Art Center will release a full-color catalog, featuring full documentation of the installation with rare photographs, articles and interviews featuring the artist.