Timothy Karpinski


Folksy, but refined, Timothy Karpinski‘s work is most aptly defined as lovely. Currently on view in the solo exhibition, My Heart Never Sleeps, at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, the Portland-based artist’s work draws upon a romantic and almost childlike fixation with the quiet and beautiful moments of life and love. Hand cut paper, acrylic paint and graphite make up collages of such harmonious scenes  as: a scarfed sleeper in a moment of solitude, sitting beneath a tree, his limbs entwined with curling steam from a hot mug of coffee, autumn leaves touching down around him; or pastel lovers in a tug-of-war, legs and arms stitched into one another as they push and pull on a half-sphere grassy knoll. The most dynamic piece in the show is the installation called Fear Fort, which, according to the gallery, housed the artist for months leading up to the show as well as in the gallery during installation of the exhibition. Derived from Karpinski’s lingering childhood fascination with fort-building, Fear Fort seems at once claustrophobic and cluttered (owl-shaped chotchkies and hand drawn doodles abound) and wondrously safe, like so many spaces or objects continue to make us feel over the years.

Timothy Karpinski lives and works in Portland, OR and earned his BFA in Graphic Design and Painting from Castleton State College in Vermont. His work has been exhibited at White Walls, San Francisco; Suite 100 Gallery, Seattle; Together Gallery, Portland, OR, and elsewhere.