November, 2009

Bessma Khalaf

Now showing at Steven Wolf Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco is Bessma Khalaf’s exhibition, You’re Not There. The show is comprised of five pieces: three individual video installations and two works that reference them. In Projection (2009), the viewer is lured into a lackadaisical daze by warm and fuzzy landscape imagery, only to be immediately jolted back out of it as a fist punches[…..]

Jeff Carter

Since the mid-90s, artist Jeff Carter has traveled extensively throughout India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and China. These travels have caused the artist to focus much of his attention on the idea of contemporary tourism and the implications of meaning that time and distance have on objects of travel, such as souvenirs and snapshots. Often, the artist will work directly from memory, recreating objects to investigate[…..]


Throughout the vast interior of the United States, contemporary artists are responding to the world around them and reshaping it in unexpected ways. Organized by the Smart Museum of Art and the Van Abbemuseum, one of Europe’s premier contemporary art institutions, Heartland offers an idiosyncratic look at the innovative forms of artistic creation taking place in the American Heartland. Heartland features site-specific installations and performances[…..]

Bill Viola: Bodies of Light

Internationally acclaimed American artist Bill Viola has worked with video for over 35 years, creating immersive installations that surround the viewer with image and sound.  Driven by interests in sense perception, collective memory, subjective thought, and the universality of the human experience, Viola has produced videotapes, architectural video installations, and flat panel video pieces, as well as works for television broadcast.  His practice, stunning in[…..]

The Pop of Colors

Currently on view at POV Evolving Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles is the group exhibition, The Pop of Colors. Curated by Yasmine Mohseni, the show features original pieces by artists whose work historically samples from the “Pop Art” color wheel, whether the vivid hues play central or supporting roles in the overall aesthetic. The artists exhibited include: former Daily Serving interviewees Amir H. Fallah and[…..]

Andy Ducett

Andy DuCett is a Minneapolis- based artist working with a multitude of media, utilizing sculpture, collage, drawing and installation.  His installations predominantly feature site-specific pilings of mostly found objects.  The sculptures are temporary, and are most typically indicative of the cultural location in which they are built. His first solo show, entitled AOT Has Been Here Forever, Except When It Wasn’t,  recently on view at Art of[…..]

Dexter Dalwood: Endless Night

Entering its last week on view, Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills is presenting new paintings by London-based artist Dexter Dalwood in the exhibition, Endless Night. The titled was appropriated from the William Blake poem “Auguries of Innocence” and references, as you may expect, death. In his new series of paintings, Dalwood explores several death scenarios from public figures, some real and some fictional. However, the[…..]