for the time being


A new Chicago alternative space named Slow, which opened its doors to the public this fall, is presenting the exhibition for the time being featuring new work by Chicago-based artists Benjamin Bellas and C.C. Ann Chen. Artist Benjamin Bellas creates work that connects philosophy, music, language, literature and visual art through the combined media of performance, video and sculpture. Often the work is object-based and becomes activated and complete only through the accompanying text. For this exhibition, one of Bellas’ projects consists of an 11 square foot section of the Pritzker Pavilion Great Lawn from Millenium Park vacuum sealed in a space bag and left to expand. The associated text poetically discusses the relationship between civilization and the land through the eyes of Bellas’ personal interactions. Artist C.C. Ann Chen works through painting, drawing and photography to examine the broad concept of space, both in urban and natural environments.  The artist will focus on universal events in the natural landscape, creating drawings and paintings from memory in an attempt to recreate these observations.

C.C. Ann Chen

Both artists attended and currently teach at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Before attending SAIC, C. C. Ann Chen received her BA in Architectural History from the University of Maryland and Bellas received his BA from the University of Pittsburgh. The works in for the time being can be viewed at Slow each Saturday from 12-5pm.