Eric Fischl: Corrida in Ronda

Eric Fischl

Acclaimed and often contested artist Eric Fischl is currently exhibiting a new series of eight large paintings titled Corrida in Ronda, featuring images of bullfighters engaging in the Corrida Goyesca. Held in the Andalusian town of Ronda, the fighters dress in eighteenth century attire that falls in the era of the classic Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Goya actually designed the distinctive costumes, which are still worn by the fighters today in this special event.

Like previous bodies of work, Fischl focuses on the particular customs of a community and builds a psychology within the paintings through formal considerations of light source, color palette, and viewpoint.  Corrida in Ronda has been exhibited this year at Jablonka Galerie in Berlin and will travel in 2010 to the Centro De Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga in Málaga, Spain.

The exhibition will be on view at Mary Boone Gallery at 541 West 24th St. until the 19th of December.