Marc Quinn: Iris


Currently on view at Mary Boone Gallery in New York City is a series of new paintings titled Iris by British sculptor Marc Quinn. Quinn is a member of the YBA (Young British Artists) and is best know for his challenging figurative sculptures such as Self, the artist’s portrait cast in his own blood and Alison Lapper Pregnant, a massive marble sculpture installed on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square in London featuring a pregnant woman born with no arms and severely shortened legs. While the new exhibition is a departure from the sculptural works for which the artist is known, Iris continues the artist’s exploration of the body, identity, the physical and the spirit. About the new work Quinn has stated that eyes are “doors of perception… the link between us and the world”,  “they are like a leakage of the vivid interior world of the body to the monochrome world of the skin”.

Iris will be on view through December 19 and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog featuring an interview with the artist.