Francine Spiegel: Mud and Mllk

Mud and MilkSeven new paintings from New York-based artist Francine Spiegel are currently being presented at Deitch Projects‘ 76 Grand St Gallery, in a new exhibition titled Mud and Milk. This exhibition marks the artists first solo project with the gallery. The artist’s work examines the idea of the “monstrous feminine” and consists of portraiture of women doused in a variety of sloppy fluids, half dead and fully animated. To create the source material for her new paintings, Spiegel created a massive performance that called for “10 pounds of grits, 5 jugs of pancake syrup, 10 squirt bottles of grape jelly, 5 bottles of Pepto-Bismol, 20 buckets of tempura paint, 20 cans of whipped cream; plus silly string, shaving cream, Fruit Loops, flour, Kool-Aid, glitter, pie, marshmallow Fluff, fake arms, fake blood and chocolate syrup.” These ingredients were researched and taken from Fangoria Magazine‘s behind the scene horror movie ingredients. ForMud and Milk, the artist has created mini-vignettes that allow multiple scenarios and an extended narrative to exsist on a single picture plane.


The artist received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Art and Design in 1997 and was recently featured in Mail Order Monsters, a traveling exhibition that appeared at Deitch Projects in the summer of 2009.