Susan Norrie


The Collective Gallery in Edinburgh is currently showing video works by Australian artist Susan Norrie as part of the Edinburgh International Festival Enlightenment Series, curated by Juliana Engberg. Norrie’s Enola (2004) along with a new commission, SHOT (2009), are highly relevant to our contemporary period. Each addresses the future of our planet in light of destruction caused by military and industrial actions.

Enola features a single channel video (in an 8.37 minute loop) on a demonstrably small scale complete with proportionately appropriate stools created by the artist. Through the use of created footage, the small scale transports the viewer into a frightening future of nuclear disaster imagined by the artist as mummified and still. The world’s well-known architectural structures are brought together as ‘It’s a small world after all’ plays.

SHOT, the exhibition’s new commission, is realized through a single channel video projection (in an 8 minute loop). This work further addresses the state of the earth as it is threatened by human actions. The Edinburgh International Festival asserts that in Norrie’s work “the empirical enlightenment ‘eye'” becomes “an astrologically positioned satellite capable of minute observation from afar.” In this way, SHOT visualizes environmental destruction through footage that seems real.

Susan Norrie lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Enola and SHOT are on view at the Collective Gallery through 27 September 2009.