September, 2009

Susan Norrie

The Collective Gallery in Edinburgh is currently showing video works by Australian artist Susan Norrie as part of the Edinburgh International Festival Enlightenment Series, curated by Juliana Engberg. Norrie’s Enola (2004) along with a new commission, SHOT (2009), are highly relevant to our contemporary period. Each addresses the future of our planet in light of destruction caused by military and industrial actions. Enola features a[…..]

Tauba Auerbach: Here and Now/And Nowhere

Deitch Projects in New York City is currently showing Tauba Auerbach‘s Here and Now/And Nowhere, an exhibition which explores the collision of two conflicting states. The title (purposely composed as an anagram) reflects the artist’s fascination with the origins of language, both verbal language and the symbols used in written language. The multimedia show includes paintings, photographic works, sculpture, and a musical instrument, all investigating[…..]

Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman uses drawing, sculpture and the archive to explore the legacies of utopian concepts of architecture and geography. His most recent graphite drawings included in Texas Draws I – a recent exhibition at the Southwest School of Art and Craft – are large indexes of visual information that include Thomas Jefferson, butterfly specimens, and an atomic bomb crater in the New Mexico desert. These[…..]

Alberto Gaitan

Remembrancer (2009) is the title of a new installation at the Taubman Museum of Art‘s Media Lab created by Alberto Gaitan. For the exhibition, the artist has created three robotic painters that are programed to apply paint to a surface according to information gathered using non-stop sources of Internet news feeds from around the globe. The machines are searching for the frequency of keywords within[…..]

Lynn Richardson

Currently on view at Redux Contemporary Art Center is Inside the Fence, a new site-specific installation by Canadian-born artist Lynn Richardson. The installation is saturated with imagery that suggests architectural development within a working landscape. Large construction blockades hover gracefully above the gallery floor, striped barriers adorn the walls and caution lights seem to illuminate the space. The installation is also activated by the viewer[…..]


Julie Garner Tucked away amidst a tranquil, tree-shaded park in North Berkeley is the Berkeley Art Center, currently hosting an exhibition of mostly Bay Area artists who each have a refreshing take on traditional media. Eighteen artists were chosen by distinguished curators Rene de Guzman and Kate Eilersten, who have a wealth of experience in visual arts programming at cultural hubs like the Yerba Buena[…..]

Another End to Irony

Second Nature, currently on view at the UCLA Hammer Museum, provides a freshly intelligent glimpse into Los Angeles’ past decade, depicting a world in which art can insouciantly assert itself without resorting to contrivance. 1. “‘There’s going to be a seismic change,” said Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter after 9/11. “I think it’s the end of the age of irony. Things that were considered fringe[…..]