September, 2009

Daniel Benayun

Daniel Benayun‘s collages are like peculiar and whimsical, outsider-art, inside jokes. Layered atop obscure maps or vague and crinkled book pages, these postcards introduce a cast of mythical, and otherwise, characters along with an impressive postage stamp collection, through illustration and craft. The pieces are steeped with an endearing dose of what seems to be the recollection of a boyhood fascination with knights, sea life[…..]

Kevin E. Taylor

Currently on view at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco is a new exhibition titled Terrestrial Syndrome, with new paintings by artists Kevin E. Taylor and Erik Otto. Taylor’s work features several different creatures engaging one another within a surrealistic landscape. While the work remains shrouded in mystery and coded with visual symbols, it is clear that the actions of the creatures are a metaphor[…..]

On the Shoulders of Davids

Photo caption: Back to Black, 2008 HK Zamani Opening September 11th is the inaugural exhibition, entitled On the Shoulders of Davids, at JAUS (pronounced “house”), a new gallery in West Los Angeles, run by artists Chris Tallon, Helen Geisler and Ichiro Irie. From the onset JAUS’ mission seems clear, albeit divergent from that of many new commercial spaces: to promote the work and so-called DIY[…..]

Amanda Heng

Amanda Heng interacted with a group of over thirty participants on a performance walk titled, Let’s Walk Some More. Organised by The Substation, the performance traced and invoked Amanda’s personal memories of heritage sites in Singapore’s city area which have been demolished, re-used or left disused. Decked in yellow t-shirts, participants were led to share their reflections. Along the trail and at several sites, participants[…..]

Reduced Visibility

Trevor Paglen It is a common belief today that abstraction and politics don’t mix. We tend to think of formalism as either transcendent of problems like race and war, or on the other hand, beholden to its limitations as decoration, bought and sold in the marketplace. Reduced Visibility, curated by Core Program Critical Studies Resident Kurt Mueller at the Glassel School of Art in Houston,[…..]

Olafur Eliasson

Closing this week at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art is the first comprehensive survey in the United States of works by Olafur Eliasson entitled Take Your Time. Olafur Eliasson’s immersive environments, sculptures, and photographs elegantly recreate the extremes of landscape and atmosphere in his native Scandinavia.¬† Drawn from collections worldwide, the presentation spans over fifteen years of Eliasson’s career. His constructions, at once eccentric and[…..]

Francesca Gabbiani

Frencesca Gabbiani’s The Present, her new exhibition at Patrick Painter, opens on September 12. Gabbiani, known for richly detailed drawings that marry ornamentation with vacancy, has dedicated one of her new pieces to the Greek goddess Nyx, patron of the night. The exhibition’s venture into mythology will be accentuated by a series of decorated mirror pieces that pit surface and depth against each other. These[…..]