September, 2009

Sandow Birk

American Qur’an, which opened at the Catharine Clark Gallery earlier this month, is one phase of Southern California artist Sandow Birk‘s ongoing project to hand-transcribe the 114 suras, or chapters, from the Holy Qur’an. Birk juxtaposes the text with images from contemporary American life to create a narrative which addresses the misconceptions of Islam by U.S. culture by posing the question: how did two religions[…..]

Rosalind Nashashibi

London’s ICA is currently showing new works by artist Rosalind Nashashibi. This solo exhibition aims to present a comprehensive look at Nashashibi’s work at a time when she is emerging as a prominent British film artist. Despite Nashashibi’s relatively young career and the fact that the earliest work included in the exhibition dates to 2005, the breadth and evolution of the artist’s work is evident[…..]

Doug Aitken: Migration

Installation view: Regen Projects, Los Angeles 2009 Photography by Brian Forrest Sometimes simplicity can be stunningly difficult. Jane Campion or 303 Gallery, and then on the face of a building at the 55th Regen Projects‘ Almont Street gallery and, when the sun sets, as a two channel installation on two exterior walls of Regen’s Santa Monica Blvd building. Installation view: Regen Projects II, Los Angeles[…..]

Scott Debus: UP

Scoop Studios Contemporary Art is a new gallery venue in Charleston, South Carolina that focuses on providing exhibition opportunities for emerging Southeastern artists. Currently on view at Scoop is new works by Scott Debus in an exhibition simply titled UP. For the exhibition, Debus has created a new series of paintings that contain anthropomorphic forms which shift in between recognizable figures and pure abstraction. In[…..]

Come Hither Noise

Come Hither Noise at Fremantle Art Centre in Perth, Australia is an exhibition of sound-based works, which aims to highlight connections between aural, spatial and visual perception. Curator Jasmin Stephens argues that media and even sensory distinctions are growing increasingly arbitrary in contemporary art. In this exhibition she presents a selection of works which are both noisy and resolutely visual, designed to heighten the audience’s[…..]

Jason Mena

Puerto Rico-based artist Jason Mena appropriates popular marketing tools, such as billboard and aerial advertising, to influence the way we perceive our surroundings. Mena uses these communication platforms to promote new ideas and provoke critical thought by inserting carefully chosen text where a company’s logo or catch phrase is typically seen. In doing this, the artist draws our attention to our passive consumption of visual[…..]

Stefano Arienti

Curated by Filippo Trevisani, Stefano Arienti’s exhibition “Arte In-Percettibile” at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua (Septemebr 9, 2009 – January 6, 2010) is a survey of around 15 installation works, some of which were conceived specifically for this show. Arranged to establish a close relationship, and interaction between works and viewers, the exhibition mirrors the challenging process of research and experimentation that is typical of[…..]