Lynn Richardson


Currently on view at Redux Contemporary Art Center is Inside the Fence, a new site-specific installation by Canadian-born artist Lynn Richardson. The installation is saturated with imagery that suggests architectural development within a working landscape. Large construction blockades hover gracefully above the gallery floor, striped barriers adorn the walls and caution lights seem to illuminate the space. The installation is also activated by the viewer through motion and responds through sound and light. Richardson has engineered the work so that it responds to the viewer only when it is being engaged. If no one is engaging the work, no energy is consumed.

While the installation is certainly in dialogue with development, technology, industrialism, and nature, it also speaks to the principles of American minimalism and utilitarianism. Richardson hones in on the vocabulary of our landscape, often abandoning the need for individual creation in exchange for the efficiency of repetition.

The artist received her MFA from the University of Texas in Austin and a BFA from the University of Manitoba. Recent solo exhibition include Remapping the Northwest Passage at CSAW in Houston and Red State at the Michael Gibson Gallery in London, Ontario. In 2005, Richardson received the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant and was included in an exhibition at Cue Art Foundation in New York City.