Francesca Gabbiani


Frencesca Gabbiani’s The Present, her new exhibition at Patrick Painter, opens on September 12. Gabbiani, known for richly detailed drawings that marry ornamentation with vacancy, has dedicated one of her new pieces to the Greek goddess Nyx, patron of the night. The exhibition’s venture into mythology will be accentuated by a series of decorated mirror pieces that pit surface and depth against each other. These issues – myth, decoration, shallowness – have been consistent motifs Gabbiani’s art and her new body of work promises to push them further.

Gabbiani, born in Montreal and raised in Switzerland, studied at Rijkskademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam and Ecole Superieure des Beaux-art in Geneva before moving to Los Angeles. She graduated with an MFA from UCLA in 1997. Her work has appeared at the Armand Hammer Museum (she has also guest curated at the Hammer), Lora Reynolds Gallery, Marianne Boesky Gallery, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among other venues.

The Present will remain on view through October 24.