September, 2009

Tyson Skross

    Tyson Skross was born in 1978 in Illinois, and spent his childhood in Texas and Geneva, Switzerland. In Geneva, the western European landscape and geography had a profound impact on him and led him to question notions of reality and place. Situated between Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, Skross witnessed many natural phenomena, which he refers to as “glitches.” These glitches alter[…..]

Candice Breitz

    Currently on view in the exhibition Contemporary Outlook: Seeing Songs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is the video installation, Queen (A Portrait of Madonna), by Berlin-based artist Candice Breitz. The piece assaults the museum-wanderer’s ears far before it is seen, a jumble of incomprehensible collective voices shouting through the MFA’s white walls. Only when one rounds the bend into the gallery[…..]

Camille Rose Garcia

    Mica-encrusted, ebony swirls weave through Camille Rose Garcia‘s most recent body of work, Hydra of Babylon, on display at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, CA through October 10th, 2009. In addition to her highly calligraphic black lines, Garcia layers translucent hues, silver leaf, and iridescent sheens to depict her usual suspects – winged creatures and desperate divas, all signaling disdain for the[…..]

Play With Your Own Marbles

Karl Haendel Play With Your Own Marbles is the title of a new exhibition currently on view at San Francisco’s NOMA Gallery. The exhibition, which is curated by Betty Nguyen, Creative Director of First Person Magazine, brings together three Los Angeles-based artists in an examination of artistic process and its relation to utility, both in object and image. The exhibition highlights the objects and cyanotypes[…..]

Why do we do the things we do

Emily Floyd, The Cultural Studies Reader (2001) Photo; Eva Fernandez For the exhibition, Why do we do the things we do, nine artists turn the mirror on their creative process with honesty and biting self irony. This group exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Australia, curated by Jacqueline Doughty, tackles the often misunderstood process of making art, with many of the artists playing[…..]

Ultrasonic IV at Mark Moore

Josh Azzarella Untitled #27 (Unknown Rebel) (2006), Video Mark Moore Gallery has been organizing its annual Ultrasonic exhibitions for four years now, featuring emerging artists from the U.S. and elsewhere. This year’s installment, Ultrasonic IV: Fresh Perspectives, more subdued than its high-strung title suggests, seems to confront the present through the lens of the past, rephrasing visual legacies in a way that suggests nostalgia can[…..]

Roxy Paine

Roxy Paine‘s Maelstrom is a massive stainless steel sculpture that stretches from one end of the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s Cantor Roof Garden to the other, rising 29 feet overhead. Weighing more than 7 tons, the tree-like sculpture is 130 feet long and 45 feet wide, making it Paine’s largest and most ambitious work to date. The arboreal structure is composed of 10,000 pieces of[…..]