Young Curators, New Ideas II


Currently on view at P.P.O.W in New York City is the exhibition Young Curators, New Ideas II. The exhibition, which was organized by Amani Olu, is a curator focused survey containing seven varied mirco-exhibitions that investigate various topics. The curators included in the exhibition are Karen Archey, Cecilia Jurado, Megha Ralapati, Jose Ruiz, Nico Wheadon, Cleopatra’s (Bridget Donahue, Bridget Finn, Kate McNamara & Erin Somerville), and Women in Photography (Amy Elkins & Cara Phillips).

Low Museum.jpg

With exhibition titles such as Low Museum, In Heaven, Comet Fever, The Individual and the Family, and Deconstructing the Female Gaze, these micro-exhibitions attempt to confront and investigate various issues which are prevalent in contemporary art practices and beyond. Low Museum asks the basic, albeit important questions, What is the process through which one becomes a curator of contemporary art? And, how does popular culture view this role? The exhibition Comet Fever questions the obsession with phenomena outside of human control, while The Individual and The Family questions art making through both collaborative and identity-based creative practices.

Young Curators, New Ideas II provides the viewer with an opportunity to engage with the curatorial practice of several young New York-based curators within one space, and offers these young curators the opportunity to present their work within a group show setting.