Spite House


Lawrimore Project in Seattle opened a new group exhibition yesterday titled Spite House. The exhibition, which features nine national artists, explores the invisible territories of spite that exist in both common land and property disputes as well as with works of art within group exhibitions. Citing the Richard Spite House in Manhattan, a five foot strip of land that was developed into an apartment building in order spitefully block the view a neighboring building, the Spite House exhibition investigates how this principle extends into the gallery setting conceptually and aesthetically, as well as between the artist, artwork, and audience. Works will be on view by Matt Browning, Andrew Dadson, Eli Hansen with Herman Beans and Joey Piecuch, Christian Kliegel, Bert Rodriguez, Sutton Beres Culler, and Aaaron Young.

Spite House will be on view through September 12th, 2009.