August, 2009

Young Curators, New Ideas II

Currently on view at P.P.O.W in New York City is the exhibition Young Curators, New Ideas II. The exhibition, which was organized by Amani Olu, is a curator focused survey containing seven varied mirco-exhibitions that investigate various topics. The curators included in the exhibition are Karen Archey, Cecilia Jurado, Megha Ralapati, Jose Ruiz, Nico Wheadon, Cleopatra’s (Bridget Donahue, Bridget Finn, Kate McNamara & Erin Somerville),[…..]

Don Pablo Pedro

English Kills Art Gallery in Brooklyn is presenting a show of Don Pablo Pedro‘s scroll paintings, powerful compositions depicting scenes of deranged sexuality, mutation, and pain. The painted muslin scrolls, with titles such as Eve Rips Her Face Off, Jesus’s Vagina and Shit, and Boy and His Heads, feature figures with anatomical abnormalities, extra orifices, and sexual oddities. These characters are situated in a blank[…..]

Spite House

Lawrimore Project in Seattle opened a new group exhibition yesterday titled Spite House. The exhibition, which features nine national artists, explores the invisible territories of spite that exist in both common land and property disputes as well as with works of art within group exhibitions. Citing the Richard Spite House in Manhattan, a five foot strip of land that was developed into an apartment building[…..]

Josef Krisofoletti: ATLAS Mural

Last fall, during a forty-five day residency at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina, artist Josef Kristofoletti created a massive mural depicting a cross section of the CERN particle accelerator, the world’s largest and most dynamic laboratory for particle physics. The mural project at Redux was sponsored in part by CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research situated in the Northwest[…..]

Skye Kennewell

Melbourne, Australia-based Skye Kennewell‘s architectural installations examine the tenuous elements of constructed security, in both the physical and emotional realms. The spaces that she creates incorporate rigid building materials as well as technical drawings, and when on view playfully engage with lighting, adding elaborate shadows to the overall spectacle. Kennewell’s interests lie in “issues of isolation, high-density urban living, public fear and the illusion of[…..]


Synchronicity is a multifaceted art space on Melrose Avenue in the Los Angeles neighborhood of East Hollywood. Bravely (or otherwise, depending on how you feel), they opened their inaugural show at the end of 2008, during the crux of the American economic collapse. Yet Katie Vonderheide and Chris Gere– the diligent duo of the Millenial cohort that run the gallery–remain hopeful and excited about their[…..]

Mixtape Volume 1

Federal Art Project (FAP) in downtown LA recently hosted Mixtape Volume 1, a show featuring artists who use music subculture as impetus for their work. Shizu Saldamando‘s 5′ x 3′ graphite on wood piece, Maria Daniela y su Sonido Lazer Concert, Azusa, CA, was hung in the forefront of the gallery, begging viewers to take a closer look at her skilled draftmanship. With fluid strokes,[…..]