August, 2009

Cindy Sherman

Currently on view at Gagosian Gallery in Rome is eight new works by internationally acclaimed photographer Cindy Sherman. For this body of work, the artist continues to serve as her own model, transforming herself into a variety of personalities and exploring a myriad of identities. For her current series, Sherman is investigating the wealthy middle-aged American woman who is at her social prime. Wealth and[…..]

Beautiful/Decay's Book One: Supernaturalism

This summer, Beautiful/Decay magazine made the leap from the standard magazine model, chocked full of ads, to a new streamlined ad free book format. The new format allows Beautiful/Decay the opportunity to publish extended articles and interviews, while also dedicating upwards to 20 pages of images for the primary featured artists. In addition, Book One, the first of this new format from Beautiful/Decay, comes with[…..]

Craig Hawkins

Craig Hawkins work enhances the beauty of the world around us through the expression of a rich and deeply spiritual faith. Mediating on the word of God, Hawkins hones in on elemental truths of the Bible. The artist creates vivid imagery through transcendental compositions, high contrast narratives, and expressive mark making. The result is an intriguingly unique perspective on religious parables. Hawkins describes his work[…..]

Chris Anthony

Los Angeles-based photographer, American Photo’s Images the Year Competition in 2007. Anthony was born and raised in Stockholm and has exhibited with the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, and the

Flux Super 8

Last weekend, the FLUX which serves a global community and collective of creatives. The group, led by founders Jonathan Wells and designer/gallerist Med Wells, was offered the full gallery to use for new projects and site specific installations. The Super Flux 8 group features an international group of creatives including Max Erdenberger, Sophie Gateau, Terri Timely, YesYesNo. The exhibition will be on view until September[…..]

S.J. Hart

Currently on view at CoLAB Projects in New Orleans is a solo show of new work by Illinois-based artist S.J. Hart. The exhibition, entitled shining with the secret of it, presents paintings from Hart’s Songbirds series. The scenes depicted, like pages from a children’s book but with a slightly sinister slant, are illustrated to the edges with delicate renderings of flora and fauna in a[…..]

Larry Johnson

Hammer Museum. Curated by CalArts–he was privy to the school’s infamous conceptualist think-tank days–Johnson has spent his career merging postmodern headiness with cartoon humor and colliding highbrow with lowbrow. His lighthearted, yet still confrontational, photographs flip the photographic on its head. They don’t even resemble photographs; they resemble drawings or prints, a fact that reflects Johnson’s irreverent process (he scans found imagery and drawings and[…..]