Josef Krisofoletti: ATLAS Mural


Last fall, during a forty-five day residency at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina, artist Josef Kristofoletti created a massive mural depicting a cross section of the CERN particle accelerator, the world’s largest and most dynamic laboratory for particle physics. The mural project at Redux was sponsored in part by

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research situated in the Northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border. Once CERN discovered Kristofoletti’s impressive mural at Redux, the artist was invited by the group to visit the site and evaluate possible locations for a new mural. After initial meetings and discussions with project coordinators, a newly proposed large-scale mural of ATLAS, the largest generator where particles collide, on the outside of the prominent building above the underground detector was approved and slated to begin in late 2009 / early 2010. This will be an unprecedented major art project of its kind on the CERN site. However, due to the major economic constraints of CERN’s science laboratory, they do not have a budget for any art projects; therefore the completion of the mural requires funding from outside sources.

Kristofolletti and CERN are currently seeking financial sponsors to assist with the completion of this permanent large-scale mural. The proposed image of the painting is depicted above and will illustrate a dynamic cross section of ATLAS, perhaps the most important scientific experiment of our life time. The experiment at CERN is probing deeper into the invisible regions of matter, and Kristofoletti, like generations of muralist before him, will use visual art to express the complex and abstract ideas of CERN.

If you are interested in helping to ensure that is particular project is released, please contact Josef Kristofoletti.