Jim Green


Denver-based sound artist Jim Green currently has a solo presentation in the Project Gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, CO. Thematically, the new work on view, titled Unplugged, investigates the discomfort we feel in public spaces when confronted with private issues, and the practiced reactions we impel when met with such taboo circumstances. Okay, Unplugged is essentially about the sound farts make. And it’s reported that visitors to the show are actually having fun at a museum viewing this work of contemporary art–a grievously unique event, I would lament. Green displays the knee-slapping song of a grid of colorful Whoopee Cushions with almost medical precision, like so many oxygen tanks humming mechanically in a hospital corridor. What Denver area appreciators refer to as their “local hero”‘s genius,” is a marked attempt at defying the ideal that art and humor (especially humor that can be purchased in a bin from the 99 Cents Store) are not mutually exclusive. If you are unable to make it to Denver this week, there is a video of the installation found here.

Jim Green holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Minnesota (1970) and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Colorado (1978). He was two-time recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Grant for Media Arts. Sight-specific commissions of his work are installed in cities throughout the United States, including Laughing Escalator at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver and Singing Sinks in the restrooms of the Denver Art Museum, CO. As part of the exhibition Extended Remix at MCA Denver, his outdoor installation Affirmative Greetings welcomed unassuming passers-bye with compliments and wishes for a nice day, while Courtesy Phone, a red telephone, inconspicuously installed on the gallery wall, connected anybody who picked up the receiver to the artist’s cell phone.