Cindy Sherman


Currently on view at Gagosian Gallery in Rome is eight new works by internationally acclaimed photographer Cindy Sherman. For this body of work, the artist continues to serve as her own model, transforming herself into a variety of personalities and exploring a myriad of identities. For her current series, Sherman is investigating the wealthy middle-aged American woman who is at her social prime. Wealth and social status seems to protect the women and allows them to be virtually invulnerable to the outside world, much in the way that nobility has been captured historically through portrait painting. However, similar to how high-definition television can reveal a newscasters every flaw, these large-format photographs expose every blemish that these women adorn. The artist has stated, “I think they are the most realistic characters I have done. I completely empathised with them. They could be me. That’s what was really scary, how easy it was to make myself look like that.”

Cindy Sherman currently lives and woks in New York. She has completed countless international museum and gallery exhibitions with recent works on view at Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst in Denmark and the Jeu de Paume in Paris among others.