Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski.jpg

One of the current exhibition series on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA),The Studio Sessions, explores the work of artists who create performance based conversations regarding their artistic practice and present the videos as the final work. A noteworthy artist within the series, Christian Jankowski created a series of videos titled Telemistica, which explore the popular media world of Italian TV-fortuntellers. For the videos, the artist learned how to converse in basic Italian and called into several televised fortunetellers to discuss the future of his artistic practice and the outcome of his upcoming works to be shown in the Venice Biennale. In actuality, the artist recorded the conversations about his work and displayed the televised talks as the final artwork. The work cleverly reveals details about the artist’s relationship to his practice and reflections on his artistic future. Jankowski manipulates a preexisting tool of media and exploits his insecurity and uncertainty about his artistic future to create a powerfully compelling and uniquely revealing new series of videos.

The Berlin-born, New York-based artist has an impressive resume of international exhibitions. Just some of his recent solo exhibitions include work with Innsbruck Contemporary in Austria, And Now For Something Completely Different at BAWAG Foundation in Vienna, and Above All I’m an Art Lover at Regen Projects in Los Angeles.