Brody Reiman and Charlie Castaneda


Bay Area collaborative artists Brody Reiman and Charlie Castaneda are currently exhibiting a new installation at Stephen Wirtz Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibition titled places we have never been, features a collection of found landscape paintings, some of which date back to the nineteenth century and range in artistic skill level and period. The paintings are supported within the framework of a larger installation which contains stacked slices of drywall that are framed in oak, porcelain-cast rocks that are scattered along the gallery floor and painted walls that subtly shift in color. Each of these elements incorporate the canvases into the space and are utilized in an examination of the natural landscape, the historical role of landscape painting, and the ways in which landscape painting is transformed by man and idealized by the mind. Reiman and Castaneda are examining how landscape as an imagined or idealized space can become domesticated and made decorative by the exhibition’s construction through the use of culturally loaded materials such as drywall, oak veneer, and porcelain.


Both artists completed their undergraduate degrees at Carnegie Mellon University and their MFA at University of California, Davis. Reiman is an assistant professor of sculpture at University of California, Berkeley, and Castaneda is a faculty member with the San Francisco Art Institute. The duo is also represented in New York City by DCKT, and have an exhibition with their New York gallery next month.