Beautiful/Decay's Book One: Supernaturalism


This summer, Beautiful/Decay magazine made the leap from the standard magazine model, chocked full of ads, to a new streamlined ad free book format. The new format allows Beautiful/Decay the opportunity to publish extended articles and interviews, while also dedicating upwards to 20 pages of images for the primary featured artists. In addition, Book One, the first of this new format from Beautiful/Decay, comes with a hand drawn cover by LA-based artist Kyle Thomas, special inserts, stickers, and is released in a very limited numbered edition.

In typical B/D fashion, the book is structured around a theme. For Book One, the artists included engage the concept of Supernaturalism though a variety of different media. This edition of Beautiful/Decay contains over 20 featured artists including the photographer Yvonne Todd, who’s work mimics the language of professional portrait photography, yet defies traditional beauty by distorting her models with fake teeth and bejeweled eyes. The result is a 70’s inspired corpse-like model that is both attractive and revolting in the same moment. You can see more of her work at the Ivan Anthony Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand.


Laura Brothers’ work, also featured in Beautiful/Decay’s Book One, reacts to the modern world of CGI with amazingly detailed GIF images, reminiscent of the early 90’s world of computer animation. You can find more of Laura Brothers’ work on her LiveJournal page, where she continually adds new images from her magical world.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the remaining copies of the new Book One: Supernaturalism, visit the B/D website here.