UNHEIM: Daniel Domig and Valentin Hirsch


On view through July 19th at Jane Kim / Thrust Projects in NYC is the exhibition UNHEIM, featuring drawings by Vienna-based artists Daniel Domig and Valentin Hirsch. Each artist utilizes a graphic sensibility, employing a palette of stark black and white. The drawings contain an anthropomorphic quality which calls into question both the human body and psyche. Hirsch builds upon and modifies the form of the elephant to explore that animal’s characteristics of strength and vulnerability, further questioning how these qualities apply to a human existence. The resulting forms exist somewhere between a Rorschach ink blot drawing and a natural history illustration. Daniel Domig creates seemingly primitive and crude drawings made with pencil, ink and oil. Each work, over thirty total in the exhibition, contains a certain urgency that is playful, while also being deeply phycological.


Daniel Domig was born in Vancouver and currently lives and works in Vienna. He has exhibited previously with Jane Kim / Thrust Projects, as well as in an exhibition at Museum Engen in Germany and “Austria con Temporary” at the Essel Museum in Vienna.

Valentin Hirsch is a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and has exhibited with Galerie Karol Winiarczyk, Vienna 2008 and Siemens Artlab, Vienna 2006.