July, 2009

Big Youth

Corbett vs. Dempsey, known mostly for specializing in mid-20th century American art, with an emphasis on Chicago painting and works on paper from 1940 to 1970 delves into the current state of affairs with it’s current exhibition. Having opened this past week, Big Youth is an exhibition of thirteen emerging painters from Chicago. The exhibition features works by Isak Applin, Carl Baratta, Joel Dean, J.[…..]

New Writers Wanted

DailyServing.com is now looking for new arts writers!! Send us an email and let us know why we should consider you. Please included your contact information, current resume and a recently published writing sample (please, no more than 1000 words). Send your email to info@dailyserving.com. As we expand our global coverage of the visual arts, we are particularly interested in writers with strong written English[…..]

UNHEIM: Daniel Domig and Valentin Hirsch

On view through July 19th at Jane Kim / Thrust Projects in NYC is the exhibition UNHEIM, featuring drawings by Vienna-based artists Daniel Domig and Valentin Hirsch. Each artist utilizes a graphic sensibility, employing a palette of stark black and white. The drawings contain an anthropomorphic quality which calls into question both the human body and psyche. Hirsch builds upon and modifies the form of[…..]

Allison Schulnik

It’s unfortunate but rare that art, particularly video work, moves me to the point where I’m exaggeratedly weaving words like “love” and “obsessed” into conversations about it–confessions that some might say belong more within the confines of teenagers’ online message boards about “Twilight” than within the discussion of serious contemporary art. But such is the case with Allison Schulnik‘s claymation video Hobo Clown (2008). The[…..]

Rogue Wave '09

Opening this week in Venice, CA is Rogue Wave ’09 on view at the LA Louver Gallery. In the 4th installment of an ongoing exhibition series, Rogue Wave ’09 continues in the tradition of presenting the work of emerging artists that are currently working in Los Angeles. The exhibition is co-curated by Peter Goulds and Christopher Pate, and features work by 10 artists spread over[…..]

Mostly Sculpture (Damn It)

Samuel Freeman, formerly known as the Patricia Faure Gallery, features an eclectic sampling of contemporary sculptures and a few token paintings at, Mostly Sculpture (Damn It). Mr. Freeman initially sought to show new paintings, but ended up with sculptures instead, hence the parenthetical “Damn It.” From the get-go, the show flaunted a hipster flare, offering an ice cream social in lieu of traditional wine and[…..]

Hannah Starkey

Recently on view at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in in New York City were the photographs of artist Hannah Starkey. The artist’s photographs are created using actors shot on site within select locations. She reconstructs scenes from everyday life, investigating women engaged in routines of shopping, sitting in cafes, or simply conversing. The photographs reflect a detachment from emotions and a surge into inner contemplation as[…..]