July, 2009

Raqs Media Collective

The Frith Street Gallery in London is currently showing the Raqs Media Collective exhibition, Escapement. The word ‘escapement’ refers to the mechanism of a clock that controls the counting of time. This appropriately titled new multimedia installation, like other work by the prolific Raqs Media Collective, engages with issues of globalization. As new technologies bring us closer together than ever before, circumventing the once isolating[…..]

Scott McFarland

Scott McFarland‘s photo series, A Cultivated View, now exhibiting at the National Gallery of Canada, documents sculpted Vancouver gardens. The images, as carefully controlled as the gardens they depict, are strangely insidious. Unlike the nature photographers and National Geographic features he mimics, McFarland makes landscaped spaces seem absurd, like deceitfully calm settings for Wes Anderson films. Sponsored by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography (CMCP),[…..]

Space Invader

Aicon Gallery in London recently opened Space Invader, a group exhibition featuring the work of Vibha Galhotra, Mayyur Gupta, Dan Holdsworth, Caroline McCarthy, Alan Michael, Muzzumil Ruheel and Sanatan Saha. Space Invader explores how our personal space becomes crowded and confused due to our ever-expanding cultural requirements. In all facets of life, we are met with a barrage of activity, which can come in the[…..]

Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker recently opened a solo show at Seattle’s Ambach and Rice Gallery. Though his ouevre spans a motley crew of materials and techniques, his modus operandi tends to favor elaborately laborious processes that can be best described as artistic one-liners. This surprising element of going above and beyond to create such elaborate jokes lend the works a two-sided element of both hilarity and seriousness,[…..]

Ryan McGinness

Using the principles of graphic design, painter and silk screen printer Ryan McGinness creates elaborate two dimensional works and room-filled installations that are dense with iconography, language and product symbolism. Corporate logos, graffiti and elements of art history serve as inspiration for the artist’s prints, vinyl decals, wall murals and commercial objects. McGinness has recently produced several publications featuring his work including No Sin/No Future,[…..]

Brett Amory

Bay Area-based artist and graphic designer Brett Amory recently completed one of Fecal Face dot Gallery‘s summer IN-N-OUT gallery exhibitions. During his week-long exhibition, which was on view from June 17 through the 20th, Amory presented 12 new paintings. Eight of the works are based on one of the artist’s dreams, featuring a girl that becomes stuck between the physical world and a spiritual realm,[…..]

Thuy-van vu

The paintings of Thuy-van vu feature everyday domestic objects that are decomposed and fragmented. Objects such as chairs, beds, electric burners are defamiliarized as they are removed from any recognizable context. The artist’s recent paintings are based on photographs of abandoned buildings that are splintered into pure abstraction. The new forms reference dynamic disaster areas, where pieces of wood are stacked on top of one[…..]