Mostly Sculpture (Damn It)

Mostly Sculpture (damn it).jpg

Samuel Freeman, formerly known as the Patricia Faure Gallery, features an eclectic sampling of contemporary sculptures and a few token paintings at, Mostly Sculpture (Damn It). Mr. Freeman initially sought to show new paintings, but ended up with sculptures instead, hence the parenthetical “Damn It.” From the get-go, the show flaunted a hipster flare, offering an ice cream social in lieu of traditional wine and cheese selections at its late afternoon opening on July 11th. Gallery goers appreciated the oasis that the folks at Coolhaus conjured, queueing up outside the gallery to indulge in alternative twists to old-school ice cream sandwiches.

Inside the gallery, a plethora of contributing artists enliven omnipresent themes by transcendental means. For example, The Reverend Ethan Acres, an artist who has graced the gallery with at least 4 solo exhibitions since 1997, installed his own shrine. The small reliquary is partitioned off with plexi-glass and features relics like Weapon, a 6″ x 8″ x 6″ military tank. Acres used a bible to represent the tank’s turret and a horizontally placed crucifix as the tank’s main gun.

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The press release for Mostly Sculpture (Damn It) states it “remains dedicated to the absurd, the delicate, and the impossible within contemporary sculpture.” Outstanding in the stated genres is Jheri Redding’s wall of 406 cast wax hammers hung 11 rows high. The hammers’ hues vacillate from crimson reds, through pastels and neutrals, to phthalo greens. Also living up to the Freeman manifesto are Cal Lane‘s plasma cut steel shovels. Lane uses a plasma torch to cut ornate, lacy patterns into steel objects. More of her work can be seen at the Foley Gallery in New York.

In addition to Acres, Redding, and Lane are the following artists: Todd Squires, Jake Longstreth, Michelle Wiener, Jessica Rath, Al Farrow, Rebecca Myers and Tim Berg, Kristian Kozul, Jae Ko, Hedi Sorger, Steve Hollinger, Jeremy Thomas, Kazuo Kadonaga, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Dustin Yellin, George Herms, Chuck Arnoldi, Masami Teraoka, Ana Rodriguez, and Billy Al Bengston. The show runs through August 29th, 2009.