Jennifer Nehrbass

Courtesy of Jennifer Nehrbass and Mark Moore Gallery

Opening this weekend at Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica is a solo presentation of Jennifer Nehrbass‘ new paintings. The exhibition, entitled Weep and Wonder, is Nehrbass’ second solo show at Mark Moore and will be on view in the gallery’s Project Room through August 15th. While Nehrbass maintains her tradition of painting portraits of women in reflection for this new body of work, which the gallery is calling “cameos”, she has diverged from her former style of including a context for the sitting women in their quiet moments. In her 2007 debut solo exhibition at Mark Moore, Nehrbass presented viewers with snapshots of women that seemed to be a part of a larger narrative, as if looking at each piece long enough might let you see the next scene play out. The seven new paintings that will make up Weep and Wonder, however, portray awkwardly cropped busts and profiles of women with nothing more to give the viewer a frame of reference than a block of sunset above a coiffure or a hazy patch of snowy landscape over a shoulder. In this way, the viewer will be confronted more abruptly with the lady on display and forced to reconcile the uncomfortable yawn-face or sorrowful gaze as seen in a particularly voyeuristic manner.

Jennifer Nehrbass lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received her MA from New York University and her MFA from the University of New Mexico. She has exhibited her work extensively in her home state of New Mexico, as well as frequently showing in New York and Los Angeles. She has also been included in group shows throughout Europe. Jennifer Nehrbass lives and works in Albuquerque, NM.