Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis.jpg

Minnesota-based artist Jennifer Davis paints a world of folkloric fantasy reminiscent of childhood reverie. Her storybook depictions of animal-like children, whimsical trees, and candy-colored creatures may at first glance seem sublimely playful, but a look beneath the beautifully delicate exterior unveils a narrative deeply seated in emotion. This tension between the illusory and reality hints at the darkness within Davis’s work, but her use of pastel colors mixed with peculiar imagery strikes a balance between sweet and melancholy.

Davis uses acrylic and graphite on panel or paper to create ethereal people, plants, and animals. She continually layers, strips, and reapplies her media. This process adds to the surreal quality of her work, as ghostly images subtly appear behind a smooth surface. The result is an imaginary world established through the combination of vivid descriptions and fanciful colors.

Jennifer Davis attended the University of Minnesota where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in 1998. The Cerasoli Gallery in Los Angeles, CA and the Walker Contemporary in Boston, MA housed her two most recent solo exhibitions this past June.