Clayton Brothers


On July 18th the Clayton Brothers unveiled their latest works at the Patrick Painter Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The long awaited solo exhibition, entitled Jumbo Fruit, explores the underbelly of American culture, reflecting on an age of consumerism and over-stimulation. Using obsessively bold colors, Rob and Christian Clayton generate a tangled myriad of technicolor imagery that stems from the traditional still-life. The brothers transcend convention to create a kaleidoscopic medley of fruits, figures, and objects. With eight large scale paintings in the main gallery and a collection of smaller works in the west gallery, viewers find themselves in the midst of a mixed-media wonderland that harps on American ethos.


The Clayton Brothers follow an exceptional creation process to produce dynamic and distinctive work. Rob and Christian separately contribute to a mixed media piece while leaving behind physical clues that create a subconscious conduit through which the other can travel. The two work back and forth, transforming and reinterpreting each other’s marks. The result is an unpredictable array of personal gestures, techniques, and metaphors.

Rob and Christian Clayton serve as faculty at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where they each received their Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees. Their work has been exhibited all over the world, including Art Basel in Miami Beach and major shows in China, Denmark, and the UK. In 2010, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art will showcase their forthcoming solo exhibition.