Brett Amory

Amory .jpg

Bay Area-based artist and graphic designer Brett Amory recently completed one of Fecal Face dot Gallery‘s summer IN-N-OUT gallery exhibitions. During his week-long exhibition, which was on view from June 17 through the 20th, Amory presented 12 new paintings. Eight of the works are based on one of the artist’s dreams, featuring a girl that becomes stuck between the physical world and a spiritual realm, while the remaining works are from a previous series titled Waiting. Each piece is characterized by a highly graphic and reductive environment inhabited by one or more figures. Often semi-deconstructed into pure formalism, Armory’s paintings invoke a lonesome psychological state with ghostly images and transient figures, punctuated by highly graphic structures.


Brett Amory is a graduate of the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. This year, the artist has or will exhibit works at Fabric 8, Southern Exposure, and Hyde Street Gallery, each in San Francisco. Recent interviews with the artist can be found on and Sour Harvest.