Big Youth


Corbett vs. Dempsey, known mostly for specializing in mid-20th century American art, with an emphasis on Chicago painting and works on paper from 1940 to 1970 delves into the current state of affairs with it’s current exhibition. Having opened this past week, Big Youth is an exhibition of thirteen emerging painters from Chicago. The exhibition features works by Isak Applin, Carl Baratta, Joel Dean, J. Austin Eddy, Jonathan Gardner, Dominick Garritano, Jason Karolak, Hounyeh Kim, Rachel Niffenegger, Joseph Noderer, Carmen Price, Benjamin Seamons, and Jenn Wilson.


The last five years have bore witness to a new wave of exciting young artists making uncommonly strong work in Chicago. This show culls thirteen of the best painters, all of them affiliated with the School of the Art Institute, many of them with its summer school, OxBow. Though all of the pieces in this exhibition are paintings, they are in a variety of media and sizes, on paper, canvas, board and a single painted object. Subject matter is similarly various, ranging from deeply considered abstractions and iconoclastic figurative canvases to wild, glorious landscapes. Reference points include earlier generations of Chicago art like the Monster Roster and Hairy Who and contemporary heavyweights like Richard Artschwager and Peter Doig.

The exhibition will remain on view until September 5, 2009