July, 2009

Laugh It Off at Walter Maciel Gallery

Walter Maciel has a loaded gun and is going to shoot the next motherfucker who says “Let me think about it.” Or so says one of the darkly comical pieces in the summer group show at Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition, entitled Laugh It Off–curated by Jane Scott, Girl Wonder, Inc.–attempts to bring a much needed respite of humor to the stiff[…..]

Perform! Now!

Saturday, July 25th, PERFORM! NOW! commenced on Chung King Road in Los Angeles’s Chinatown. Pendulous rows of scarlet lanterns lit the streets and walkways for spectators who gathered to watch performances by more than 30 artists. It was the area’s first event featuring new visual and sound art performances; a collaborative effort on the part of 12 different Chinatown galleries. One of the more convoluted[…..]

Daniel Richter

Oh la la, Daniel Richter’s new exhibition at Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin is not what most avid viewers of the artist’s work have come to expect. While it includes over two dozen new paintings by Richter, in a style that is undeniably his own, a number of select new elements leave the exhibition less reconciled – open to the future. The new paintings have[…..]

Clayton Brothers

On July 18th the Clayton Brothers unveiled their latest works at the Patrick Painter Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The long awaited solo exhibition, entitled Jumbo Fruit, explores the underbelly of American culture, reflecting on an age of consumerism and over-stimulation. Using obsessively bold colors, Rob and Christian Clayton generate a tangled myriad of technicolor imagery that stems from the traditional still-life. The brothers transcend[…..]

The Female Gaze: Women Looking at Women

Marilyn Minter In Cheim & Reid‘s current exhibition, women portray the bodies of other women in ways that are both historically grounded and forward thinking. Called The Female Gaze, the exhibition acts as a survey of sorts, presenting a wide range of approaches, some morally ambiguous and others socially incisive. The intergenerational, international span of artists includes Berenice Abbott, Marina Abramovic, Vanessa Beecroft, Louise Bourgeois,[…..]

Monika Sosnowska

For her installation at Berlin’s Capitian Petzel, Polish artist Monika Sosnowska, in her signature style, emphasizes space through an array of constructed structures. Seven pieces fill the main gallery space, arranged in a line, beginning with the smallest–a metal stool whose legs have been bent so the viewer is actually looking at the stool’s underside–and concluding with a large, twisted sculpture resembling a railing or[…..]

Book One: Supernaturalism

Opening this evening at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angles will be an exhibition celebrating the release of Beautiful / Decay‘s Book One: Supernaturalism. The popular magazine is now presenting a new ad-free book format with expanded coverage. The exhibition will feature new work by several of the artists found in Book One including Kyle Thomas, Ben Tegel, David Jien, and DailyServing’s Seth Curcio. Each Beautiful[…..]