June, 2009

Monica Carrier

Monica Carrier‘s first solo exhibition in New York is currently on view at Brooklyn’s A.I.R. Gallery, which is a non-profit space and was the first cooperative for women artists in the United States. Carrier’s show, entitled I love you. Yes you. I really, really love you. (You too). displays a series of new ink on paper drawings, which resemble the decorative and chaotic imagery of[…..]

Rosemarie Fiore

Image courtesy of the artist and Priska C. Juschka Fine Art, NY Rosemarie Fiore is drawing with fireworks, low explosive pyrotechnic devices such as color smoke bombs, jumping jacks, monster balls, and ground blooms, to name a few. The artist recently exhibited several of these large scale works on paper in a solo show at Priska C. Juschka Fine Art in New York. The artist’s[…..]


Chelsea’s Black & White Gallery presents its latest group exhibition, Commune, curated by Dominique Nahas. The name deliberately refers to the various meanings and usages of the word “commune.” Nahas draws attention to the crucial role of the art community within society. The show itself emphasizes this importance by choosing to include works that are considered not to be expensive, making the artwork accessible to[…..]

David Spriggs

David Spriggs‘ atmospheric installations, such as Axis of Power, above, inhabit both the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional realm, challenging the viewer’s concept of space. The piece, which was commissioned and produced by this year’s Sharjah Biennial, is “like a scientific specimen, the power of nature appears to have been captured, isolated, and objectified within the confines of the room’s architectural space,” as captioned at the[…..]

Christian Maychack

Christian Maychack has returned to Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York City this month to present a new group of sculptures in an exhibition titled Host. The Brooklyn-based artist has created seven unassuming new works, all of which rely on the organic structure of tree limbs and branches as a central form to expand upon. In a departure from previous works, which typically feature manipulated[…..]

Lori Nix

Photographer, Lori Nix, is currently presenting new work from her ongoing series The City, in a three person exhibition at G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle. The exhibition, titled View Master, presents her work, along with Grace Weston and Jonah Samson. All of the artists in the exhibition make use of intricately fabricated, three dimensional sets to construct an entirely new reality. In the spare bedroom[…..]

Palomar: Experimental Photography

Currently on view at Marvelli Gallery in New York City is the exhibition Palomar: Experimental Photography. The exhibition contains photographic works by 6 artists including, Phil Chang, Talia Chetrit, Nancy de Holl, Tamar Halpern, Mariah Robertson, and Asha Schechter. While the exhibition is incredibly diverse in the varying techniques, approaches, sizes and formats employed by each artist, the work is all united by a soft-spoken[…..]