June, 2009

Misako Inaoka

Survival Game , Misako Inaoka‘s, motley menagerie of animal hybrids, is currently on display through June 20th at the David Salow Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The gallery is lined with tiny eye-level platforms staging metallic conglomerations in mid-stride. Perhaps they are on their way to complete utilitarian tasks for which their bodies have evolved industrial, and sometimes, military adaptations. Two chess boards complete with[…..]

Colin Gee

The Colin Gee, a writer/director/performer who studied with acclaimed French mime Jacques Lecoq and worked as a principle Cirque du Soleil clown between 2001 and 2004. Gee caught the attention of Whitney curators when, during the museum’s Calder exhibition, he proposed a performance that commemorated Calder’s “blog. Most recently, he posted scenes from “

Carlos and Jason Sanchez

Currently in its last week on view at Catherine Clark Gallery is a solo show of work by Montreal-based photographers and brothers Carlos and Jason Sanchez. The exhibition marks the brothers’ second at the San Francisco gallery, and displays a survey of their work over the past seven years, since their collaboration began. The twelve large-scale photographs on view depict scenes that have been exhaustively[…..]

Gaylen Gerber

On view until June 28 at Rowley Kennerk Gallery, is an exhibition of works by Gaylen Gerber. In this exhibition, Gerber presents three artworks in a modified exhibition space. The work confuses easy distinctions between object and context and heightens awareness of visual perception in a way that questions how we differentiate what we are looking at from what surrounds it. Gerber is interested in[…..]

Jeff Zimmermann

When Jeff Zimmermann came to Charleston, South Carolina magnolias were in bloom, so he painted them, picked fresh and also withered up, placed in bottles. He found local faces and, with a lightness of hand, made these characters breathe with realism that’s expressive, showing the subtleties of identity, yet graphic enough to pop from a distance. During his artist’s residency at Redux Contemporary Art Center,[…..]


On view at the Andrew Shire Gallery through June 13 is a group exhibition entitled, Clutter, featuring installation and sculpture from six California-based artists including Nancy Braver, Helen Chung, Carmen Daniel, Chris Ellis, Chris Sicat, and Keith Walsh. As the name suggests, the show prompts the viewer to consider the work as it exists in relation to the space. Each artist represents a different approach[…..]

Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner & Seth Curcio at Cerasoli Gallery

Mario Wagner This Saturday in Culver City, Cerasoli Gallery will present new work from three artists: Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner and Seth Curcio. The three artists implement collage to reference sound, vintage imagery and mass commerce. Each show will run from this Saturday, June 13th through July 8th. In gallery one at Cerasoli Gallery, Matt Phillips will present a new body of vibrant paintings that[…..]