Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner & Seth Curcio at Cerasoli Gallery

Mario Wagner

This Saturday in Culver City, Cerasoli Gallery will present new work from three artists: Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner and Seth Curcio. The three artists implement collage to reference sound, vintage imagery and mass commerce. Each show will run from this Saturday, June 13th through July 8th.

In gallery one at Cerasoli Gallery, Matt Phillips will present a new body of vibrant paintings that play on shape, color and movement. Matt Phillips work subtly references sound, textile making and Modernism through patterned visual space that pulse and vibrate. Matt Phillips graduated from Boston University in 2007 and has exhibited with Mehr gallery, Place Space Gallery and Jack the Pelican Presents, in New York City. He has also exhibited in 1000DAYS, the DailyServing exhibition at the Scion Installation Space in LA, as well as with Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC and SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine. Check out his interview with DailyServing.

Seth Curcio

In gallery two, new work by German-born artist and illustrator, Mario Wagner, depict vintage settings that combine 1960s culture with elements of modernism. The result is a surreal landscape of figures wrapped in visual elements of color and shape, alluding to a time of overindulgence and a false sense of nostalgia. Wagner’s work has been shown with 2AGENTEN GALLERY, in Berlin, the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, and the Meat Market Gallery in Washington. His illustrations and artwork have been commissioned by publications such as Esquire, Vanity Fair and the New York Times.

In gallery three, DailyServing’s publisher and editor, Seth Curcio, will present new work of collage and painting which comment on image distribution, constructed reality and contemporary culture. Curcio’s images resemble familiar contemporary landscapes, yet quickly splinter, dissolve and reconstruct into a new environment. Implementing a complex series of collage and painting, the surface and imagery combine to create a space both familiar and unknown. Curcio is the co-founder of DailyServing and has worked as the Director of Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC. His work has been shown across the Southeast and will be featured in the upcoming issue of Beautiful/Decay Magazine.