Hilary Pecis


Beset with bling and astral opulence, Hilary Pecis‘ collages are popping up everywhere; in contemporary art blogs, and reputable print publications. Currently, the artist has work in a solo exhibition titled Intricacies of Phantom Content, on view at San Francisco’s multi-disciplinary art space, Triple Base Gallery and in the exibition Remix at Catherine Clark Gallery. Pecis is an emerging Bay Area artist whose work has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine and twice in New American Paintings. In 2008, Pecis received the SF Examiner’s Mastermind Grant and the San Francisco Arts Commission‘s Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship. Over the past five years, while garnering awards and gallery shows, Pecis managed to complete both her BFA and MFA degrees from California College of the Arts.


Pecis entrances viewers with meticulous depictions of angular patterns, whether they are the varying facets of cut gemstones or the repetitive planes of her trademark ink doodles. She utilizes the four C’s of diamond grading in her own work: carat, cut, color, and clarity. All are working to entice and bedazzle the eye. Her collages are compositionally sound, linked by ribbons, shards, and broad patches of CMYK color. Cosmic landscapes are brimming with glimpses of society’s prized commodities, however, they are void of humanity itself. The absence of a human population evokes a post-apocalyptic feeling and causes us to contemplate the lifestyle that may very well lead to our demise.

Intricacies of Phantom Content will be on display at Triple Base until July 26th. A video Installation by Elyse Mallouk, Trickle-down: Yours for the Mining, accompanies the exhibit in the gallery’s basement. In addition, Pecis and Mallouk will curate a performance series throughout the month of July. The closing reception is on Sunday, July 26th from 3-6pm. There will be special performances by Raphael Noz & Trap Doors (Michael Guidetti.)