Gavin Nolan


This month, Mark Moore Gallery is presenting new paintings by Gavin Nolan in an exhibition titled Hexen Reflex. Nolan’s paintings are presented opposite artist Julie Heffernan in the project room of the Bergamot Station gallery. Nolan’s new hyper-real portraits continue to border on surrealism, drawing reference from contemporary image sources coupled with a technical confidence on pair with the Old Masters. The works have a subtle visual shift or stutter that allows from a small amount to movement or time to take place on an otherwise static picture plan. The artist has stated “I build the paintings through a mixture of chance and control. I like them to slip between being a sloppy mess and a finished recognizable whole.”


Nolan is a graduate of Loughborough University School of Art in the UK, and received his masters from the Royal Academy of Art in London. Recent exhibitions included New London School, at the Changing Role Gallery in Rome/Naples, Italy, The Future Can Wait at Atlantis Gallery in London and Icons at Chung King Projects in Los Angeles.The artist currently lives and works in New York City.