On view at the Andrew Shire Gallery through June 13 is a group exhibition entitled, Clutter, featuring installation and sculpture from six California-based artists including Nancy Braver, Helen Chung, Carmen Daniel, Chris Ellis, Chris Sicat, and Keith Walsh. As the name suggests, the show prompts the viewer to consider the work as it exists in relation to the space. Each artist represents a different approach to presenting an object in space, causing the exhibition to be diverse, and both conceptually and visually appealing.

Keith_Walsh 2.jpg

The work of Nancy Braver uses light as a primary means of projecting her geometric objects on to the wall. In, Ellipse 4 (Chubby), she uses an interesting combination of acrylic and stainless steel, and does not let negative space go to waste. Her laser cut shapes intend to play with the surrounding space and light, making its placement integral to the success of the composition.

Keith Walsh‘s furniture-like pieces question our conventional methods of organizing personal objects and memories. Through pieces like, Cab 3, 2007, Walsh suggests a new sense of order, one that challenges traditional notions of functionality.