June, 2009

John Wesley

John Wesley’s engaging retrospective is taking place at Fondazione Giorgio Cini on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, in conjunction with the Venice Biennale, and will be on view until October 4th. The project, which is curated by Italian curator Germano Celant for the Fondazione Prada, features more than 150 works from 1961 to 2007. John Wesley distinguishes himself for his highly recognizable[…..]

Hilary Pecis

Beset with bling and astral opulence, Hilary Pecis‘ collages are popping up everywhere; in contemporary art blogs, and reputable print publications. Currently, the artist has work in a solo exhibition titled Intricacies of Phantom Content, on view at San Francisco’s multi-disciplinary art space, Triple Base Gallery and in the exibition Remix at Catherine Clark Gallery. Pecis is an emerging Bay Area artist whose work has[…..]

Jason Yates

The Rise and Fall of Shame, Jason Yates‘ summer exhibition at Circus Gallery, blurs the boundaries between high and low art, making the art world’s obsession with cultural elitism seem prosaic and stifling. On Circus’ first floor, Yates’ ink, paper and mylar “paintings” riff off of Jasper Johns’ Corpse and Mirror vocabulary, using hatch marks to set up a striking conversation between minimalist clarity and[…..]

Ofer Wolberger

Ofer Wolberger‘s solo exhibition, (Life With) Maggie, is currently on view at Michael Hoppen Contemporary in London. The photographs on view depict Maggie–a fictional character with a a rosy-cheeked, stale-smiled, plastic-masked face and a wardrobe that would make any fan of vintage swoon–posing stiffly at various locations around the world. Like a retro poster child for the Independent Woman, Maggie is traipsing the globe in[…..]

Venice Biennale: Aleksandra Mir

Aleksandra Mir‘s work at the 53rd Venice Biennale, VENEZIA (all places contain all others), is highly appropriate given that Venice is often considered to be the ultimate tourist destination. Responding to the global souvenir postcard phenomenon, Mir has printed one million copies of her own postcard designs for the exhibition. These postcards are available free-of-charge to each Biennale visitor in both the Arsenale and the[…..]

Venice Biennale: Ulla von Brandenburg

Upon entrance into Ulla von Brandenburg’s colorful installation entitled Singspiel, one is confronted with a sensation of curious exploration coupled with the particular anxiety of entering the unknown. The labyrinthine structure is made up of a series of solid colored fabrics forming an intervention in space and architecture. These colors refer to the color scale of Swiss Psychoanalyst Max Luscher, who in the 1950s conceived[…..]

Venice Biennale: Grazia Toderi

Grazia Toderi’s 2009 work, Orbite Rosse, is featured in this year’s Venice Biennale as a part of the Making Worlds exhibition. Its two video screens feature images of cities captured at night from an aerial perspective. Toderi’s use of video, which uses light to create compositions, marries well with his choice to depict cities brightly lit at night. The resulting abstraction of these far-away cityscapes[…..]