May, 2009

Victoria Haven

Currently on view at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle is a solo exhibition of new and past work by Victoria Haven, entitled HIGHER… HIGHER. For Haven’s first solo show at the renown Seattle space, the artist expanded her practice of creating works on paper and sculptural pieces to explore additional media, including photography and wall painting. This exhibition incorporates works in all of these disparate[…..]

Bob Matthews

Londoner Bob Matthews’ latest exhibition entitled, Garden Ruin, is on view at the Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, from May 7 though June 27. Garden Ruin addresses the familiar issue of humans in nature, or in this case, superimposed on nature. Matthews’ landscapes have a certain untamed quality, likely resulting from exposure to the English style of landscape design. Although highly stylized, the English garden[…..]


AMBACH & RICE in Seattle is currently presenting Supramundane, a group exhibition guest curated by Elizabeth Burke. On view until May 31st are works in various media by Tomoo Gokita, Robyn O’Neil, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, and Whiting Tennis. Surpamundane is a Buddhist term that means “being situated above the world or above our system; celestial.” This enlightened state is achieved through intense[…..]

Robert Longo

Courtesy of the Artist and Metro Pictures Metro Pictures in New York is currently presenting several recent charcoal drawings by artist Robert Longo. Longo achieved critical acclaim in the 1980s with Men in the Cities, a dynamic drawing series depicting modern businessmen in contorted positions, a commentary on our contemporary afflictions and anxieties. The exhibition at Metro Pictures, Surrendering the Absolutes, opened on April 23rd[…..]

Cults, Collectives and Cocooning

It’s the 18th Street Art Center‘s birthday. The Santa Monica art center began in 1988 as the headquarters for High Performance magazine and soon grew to provide live-work spaces for approximately 30 tenants from a variety of backgrounds. Now 18th Street is a thriving exhibition and residency space and it’s celebrating its 20 year mark with an exhibition curated by Ciara Ennis. The exhibition opened[…..]

Craig Kucia

Currently on view at SHAHEEN Modern and Contemporary Art in Cleveland, Ohio is a solo exhibition of work by Craig Kucia, entitled we left with our hearts tired. Kucia’s paintings offer entree into a dreamy land of nostalgia, memory and curiosity– a virtual huddle of memories rendered in bright crayola hues. He renders scenes that appear innocent and playful at first, because of their cheery[…..]


Amongst the labyrinth of booths at this year’s Art Chicago is Partisan, a special exhibition of works that explore social and political ideas. Selected from Art Chicago and NEXT galleries by guest curator Mary Jane Jacob, independent curator and director of exhibitions at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Partisan works represent a multitude of political ideas and positions from around the world.[…..]