May, 2009

1000 DAYS: Opening

The opening for 1000 DAYS in Culver City was huge success last night. Thank you to all of the people that came out to show their support for Below are just a few images from the show. Visit the Scion Space website over the next few days for a full list of installation and opening night images. Here’s to the next 1000 days!! -Seth[…..]

1000 DAYS: Caleb Weintraub

Opening tonight at the Scion Installation Space in Culver City, CA is the DailyServing exhibition 1000 DAYS. In the exhibition, painter Caleb Weintraub will present 3 large-scale paintings and two small sculptures, which feature his signature surreal narrative. This work along with the others are not to be missed. If you are in the Los Angeles area this evening, please join us for the opening!![…..]

1000 DAYS: Matt Phillips

Opening tomorrow evening in Culver City, CA is the DailyServing curated exhibition 1000 DAYS. Artist Matt Phillips will present 3 large scale paintings in the show, representing sound through the medium of painting. In the painting shown below, titled Guitar, the artist creates an oscillating mathematical rhythm, creating the illusion of movement as the patterns collide in the center of the work. Phillips approaches painting[…..]

1000 DAYS: Julie Henson

Julie Henson‘s drawings explore the breadth of religious extremism in the Southern United States. The Charleston, South Carolina native examines historically significant religious rituals and the ways in which the modern South maintains these practices. The work often depicts subjects united in spiritual ecstasy, while undergoing the transcendent religious acts of holding snakes, placing one’s hands in fire, speaking in tongues and the laying of[…..]

1000 DAYS: Chris Scarborough

Nashville-based photographer, painter and draftsman Chris Scarborough creates a diverse range of works, which reference the archetypes of Eastern pop culture, art history and science fiction. The cultural concepts of cuteness and beauty mixed with the playful violence of Japanese cartoons inform Scarborough’s imagery and process. While working in graphite, painting or photography, the artist painstakingly renders his subjects with absolute precision in an exploration[…..]

1000 DAYS: Christina Seely

San Francisco-based artist, Christina Seely will present new works from her ongoing series photographic series Lux at the 1000 DAYS exhibition opening in LA this week at the Scion Installation Space. Seely’s interest in nature and the changing environment is reflected in her vivid photographs of night-lit cityscapes. For an artist with a strong mind and an innovative way of translating her message, her photographs[…..]

1000 DAYS: Tivon Rice

For the upcoming exhibition, 1000 DAYS, curated by DailyServing, Seattle-based artist, University of Washington, 911 Media Center and Joan Mitchell Foundation for his sculpture The History of Television: 1974-2006.