Jeff Jamieson

Jeff-Jamieson 1.jpg

On view at David Patton Gallery in Los Angeles until May 30, is Jeff Jamieson’s latest exhibition, Sculpture. This marks the second solo show at the gallery for the San Luis Obispo based artist. Both Jamieson’s history and the history of sculpture are visually present in the works, reminding the viewer of the importance of the past.

Opposing forces are at work, the artist juxtaposes the unique attitude of West Coast art with that of the East Coast. Jamieson currently lives and works in California, but was once an assistant to Donald Judd and a maker of Judd furniture. Together, these experiences have shaped his approach and method. The presentation of these clean-lined sculptures resting on the floor recalls that of Judd’s later, renowned minimalist work. Jamieson’s choice of material includes wood and metals like the minimalists, but departs in his choice of color, employing intense blues and yellows. Minimalism sought to present forms as a whole, or unit, while these pieces suggest the human form, and emphasize its parts. The artist’s process intentionally reveals a hand-made quality, without drawing attention to the fact. The pieces are situated in a manner that urges the viewer to investigate the surrounding space, and ultimately themselves.